18 September 2014
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How to Save Money on Baggage Fees

On September 15, WestJet announced that they will now be charging $25 for the first bag checked on flights within Canada and the US.

This had the Packing Gurus here at TRIPSETTER thinking about how we can help our valuable readers with packing tips. This way, you might be able to just take a carry-on, or at least, get more “bang for your buck” on your first (and maybe only!) checked bag!

Firstly, there is What Not to Pack. But when it comes to necessity, this is what we suggest:


- Rolling your clothes is something that most travellers don’t think about, but for backpackers, that’s the only way to go. Believe it or not, it works just as well for your carry-on bag! Instead of folding, roll ‘em and see how much more space you get!

- Bring a garbage bag for laundry while on your trip. Tip: you can even use it as a makeshift poncho/umbrella in a pinch!


- Put your little shampoos, soaps, etc. in little Ziploc bags. They are airtight and will prevent stains in case of leakage.

- Think outside the box when packing toiletries. For example, bring a bar of soap instead of liquid. Tooth powder in place of tooth paste is another great option which will minimise spills and messes.


- If your packing an electronic device which uses batteries (e.g. a flashlight), make sure to flip around the battery inside the gadget so they don’t turn on and drain the batteries while in the suitcase.

- It’s best to bring your expensive gadgets – like E-readers, iPads, MP3 Players, etc. – with you in your carry-on. They can get pretty heavy and won’t put you over the weight limit.


- Split your valuables like cash, cards and such into different bags and pockets so that if you get robbed you won’t be stranded without any resources.

- A money belt is a smart way to hide away your cash and cards, as well, and it saves you more room in your carry-on!

Let us know in the comment section below YOUR favourite packing tip!
Safe Travels!

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