Halton’s Classic Railway

Hop on board and ride down memory lane on one of the many one-of-a-kind classic antique rail vehicles on a mile of scenic track. History comes alive when you settle back into supple leather seats and you hear the clang of the gong as your car carries you back to the turn of the century. You will also be fascinated by the on-going restoration projects and with the craftsmen and artisans as they refurbish and rebuild the equipment with loving care and time-honoured methods. A visit to a Farmer’s Market for fresh seasonal produce, baked goods and craft items and a delicious lunch round out this wonderful day-trip.

Alternate Stops:

  • Shopping in Acton: Whetherby’s English Gift Store & Old Hide House
  • Royal Botanical Gardens (add cost)
  • Winery Tour and Tasting

Please contact TRIPSETTER for price